‘A Hot Tub’: Surface Ocean Temperatures in Florida’s Atlantic Coast Soars to Record Highs – Apna TPO

The surface ocean temperature around the US’ Florida Keys reached 38.43°C this week in what could be a global record. The ocean heat around Florida and in other parts of the world are reaching extreme levels never seen before.

The temperature spike was recorded by a water temperature buoy located in the waters of Manatee Bay at the Everglades national park on late Monday afternoon, the Guardian said citing US government data. Nearby water temperature buoys reached 38°C and 32°C.

The Guardian in its report said that normal water temperatures for this time of the year should be between 23°C and 31°C, citing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa).

The Guardian report said that the level of heat recorded this week was about the same as a hot tub.

Experts have said that high water temperatures in the ocean are extremely uncommon and the significant marine heat wave in the region is unprecedented.

The Noaa said that these marine heat wave conditions will continue through September in the North Atlantic and could last until the end of the year.

Climate change and ocean temperatures have a strong connection to each other. A panel formed by the United Nations said it is “virtually certain” the ocean has warmed continuously since 1970 and has absorbed more than 90% of excess heat from the climate system.

Space agency NASA said that the last 10 years were the ocean’s warmest since at least the 1800s and 2022 was the warmest recorded year on record and with the highest global sea level.

A separate report by ABC said that ocean temperatures readings are also breaking records in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean this week.

Heatwaves are destroying the biodiversity of oceans. Heatwaves destroy kelp, seagrass and corals and have a similar effect on sea-life like wildfires have on terrestrial ecosystems. Research from 2019 found that the number of ocean heatwave days tripled in the past couple of years. In 2021, a heat dome killed more than billion marine animals along Canada’s Pacific, the Guardian said citing experts.

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