Aashika Bhatia Fights With Jad Hadid Over A Smoke, Talks About Her Addiction To Pooja Bhatt – Apna TPO

Bigg Boss OTT 2 is a few weeks away from its finale, and with each passing day, the competition is intensifying. While every week, the contestants are eager to save themselves from elimination, they are also striving to cooperate with each other inside the house. In the recent episode, Aashika Bhatia got into a war of words with Jad Hadid, where she admitted that she is addicted to smoking. Later, the current house captain, Pooja Bhatt, had an intimate conversation with her and opened up about her smoking addiction phase.

In the latest episode, Aashika Bhatia kept pestering Jad Hadid, asking him when he would be done with his workout in the garden. This is because she wanted to smoke in the smoking area, which is adjacent to where Jad was doing his daily routine. Irritated by Aashika’s constant questioning, Jad told Aashika not to bother him any longer because he needed time for his training. Aashika went on to complain to Abhishek Malhan, but the latter advised her to wait for Jad to finish. Aashika replied saying that Jad works out for two hours while she simply requires five minutes to smoke. While Abhishek tried to calm her, Aashika believed Jad could as well.

Later, once Jad finished his workout, he and Aashika argued about her persistent questioning Abhishek attempted to mediate but was not successful. Aashika then discussed Jad’s behaviour with Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav, and Abhishek. She shared, “When we got a form before entering the house that read- Are you addicted to smoking? I had ticked yes. I am addicted to smoking. If I wait for more than 1.5 hours, then it’s a big deal for me.” Although Abhishek tried to reason with her, she reverted back, saying, “I have an addiction, Abhishek. I can’t control.” Abhishek, on the other hand, suggested she learn to control it or smoke at a different time. He also told her that it was unnecessary to pick a fight with Jad.

Aashika Bhatia, who was quite upset about the situation, confided in Pooja Bhatt and broke down in tears. She confessed to Pooja that she has started to believe that Bigg Boss is not the right place for her. She also mentioned that Jad seems to lose his cool easily. Eventually, Jad and Aashika resolved their issue. However, this incident prompted Pooja Bhatt to share her own smoking addiction with Aashika. “Ek zamane mei main bhi bohot fukti thi. Toh muje koi moral issue nahi hai usse. Yeh hypocrisy hogi agar main bolu moral issue hai (I used to be a heavy smoker as well. So I have no moral problem with it, and to claim otherwise would be hypocritical),” said Pooja.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss OTT 2 is in its 6th week, and the makers have announced that this is the ‘ticket to finale’ week. The contestants have been dived into teams where and they will have to struggle to secure their spot in the finals.

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