How An Apple AirTag And A Stuffed Teddy Bear Helped Police Catch A Robber – Apna TPO

Apple AirTag is known for its tracking abilities, helping people locate their luggage, wallets, keys, and any other item they can slip an AirTag into. Often, users have used AirTag to track stolen goods as well. Now, a thief who was stealing from several bars and restaurants was caught thanks to a hidden AirTag inside a stuffed teddy bear. Yes, while it may sound peculiar, this is exactly what happened in South Carolina.

According to WMBF News via MacRumors, Sneaky Beagle, a bar in South Carolina that was vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries, acted smartly and placed a hidden AirTag in a stuffed toy, then placed it inside a decoy safe as bait. This is what led to the arrest of 52-year-old Samuel Smith.

Smith reportedly broke into the Sneaky Beagle bar and stole the decoy safe with the stuffed toy and AirTag in it. After 30 minutes of the robbery, the AirTag alerted the barkeepers. They realized that the robber had taken the bait, and this helped authorities track him down to his home and even connect him to other burglaries that had previously happened in the area.

Samuel Smith, the robber, is accused of robbing several other restaurants as well, and for stealing cash and other valuables. Smith had also previously broken into the same bar, Sneaky Beagle, on multiple occasions. As a result, they came up with a plan to catch the thief.

In related news, earlier this year, a man in Memphis, US, reportedly misused Apple AirTag for tracking his ex-wife’s vehicle. And, owing to the gravity of the situation, Apple even  issued an official statement regarding the matter of stalking, and said, “AirTag was created to aid individuals in finding their personal possessions and not to monitor individuals or their property. We strongly denounce any malevolent application of our products.”

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