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Selecting the appropriate stream for 11th grade, post the 10th board exam is a crucial decision. Students are presented with a lot of choices including Science (Maths/Bio), Commerce (with or without Maths), Arts, and Home Science. If you are planning to opt for Commerce, then this article is for you. Commerce stream during 11th grade can potentially emerge as a favourable prospect for one’s future. Upon completing 12th grade with this stream, it’s not obligatory to pursue conventional programs such as BCom, BBA, or BCA. The realm of Commerce offers a multitude of career opportunities, some of which are highly lucrative. Upon attaining proficiency in various commerce courses, a range of well-paying employment prospects becomes available. Let’s have a look at some of these fields and their pay scales.

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Management Course is widely regarded as the top choice for commerce students. Its popularity remains consistently high. Even for newcomers to the field, pursuing this course can lead to a starting annual salary of around Rs 6-7 lakh for marketing managers.

Chartered Accountant

Becoming a Chartered Accountant requires some patience. The journey involves undergoing a course that spans multiple years and successfully passing a challenging exam. However, the rewards are substantial. Once you achieve this milestone, your life will be quite stable. Chartered Accountants have the potential to earn a substantial income, often amounting to lakhs of rupees a month.

Investment Banker

To pursue a career as an investment banker, it’s necessary to undergo training in a certified finance analyst course. This specialised education equips you with the knowledge and skills needed. As an investment banker, you have the potential to earn a substantial annual income ranging from Rs 9 to 10 lakh. This career pathway is particularly advantageous for individuals who have aspirations of establishing themselves in another country.

Actuary Practitioner

The salary of an actuary practitioner is excellent, ranging from Rs 10 to 14 lakh per year. To establish a career in this domain, in addition to possessing a solid grasp of business concepts, an individual must also possess the capacity to effectively tackle intricate challenges.

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