Jay Bhanushali Slams Barbie Movie: Calls It ‘Super Bad’ And A Disappointment For Both Kids And Adults – News18

Just a few days after Juhi Parmar criticised Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie for its ‘explicit content’ and ‘inappropriate language,’ TV actor Jay Bhanushali echoed similar sentiments. Like Juhi, Jay also took his little daughter to watch the movie with him.

Jay Bhanushali took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday and posted where we can be seen speaking about the experience of watching the much-hyped film with his little daughter. “Trust me guys, bawasir hai (it’s like piles). Bacha raha hoon apko. Aapke paise bacha raha hoon. Aapka mansik santulan bacha raha hu. Kyunki issey buri movie maine aaj tak nahi dekhi hain. (I’m saving you. I’m saving your money and mental stability. I haven’t seen a film that’s worse than this). It’s a super, super, super bad film. Trust me guys ye jitni havua aap dekh rahe hain, koi bolne ke layak bhi nahi hai. Matlab sachhi bata raha hu (The hype is all false. Those wo have watched are surprised at it. I’m telling you the truth) it took two days for me to make this video because main aisa tha ki ye kya film bana di hai, aur promote aisa kar rahe hain ki mujhe laga bachcho ke liye hoga. Lekin na bachchon ke liye hai na bado ke liye.” (I wondered kind of a film they’ve made, and they’ve promoted like it’s a kids movie. But it’s for neither kids nor adults).

“Sabse mazedaar baat thi ki kyunki maine paise de diye the toh main koshish kar raha tha main tolerate karu iss movie ko end tak. I think film shuru hone ke aadhe ghante baad hi meri beti bolti hai (The best part is that since I had paid for it, I was trying to endure the movie until the end. I think my daughter started speaking after just half an hour into the film).’Dad, I’m sleeping. I can’t watch this film. Ya toh mujhe ghar le ke chalo (either you take me home), I’m too bored.’ Maine bola, ‘Nahi nahi beta (I said, ‘No darling), it’s a good film.’ And the look on her face, main aapko bata nahi sakta meri beti ne kabhi life mein mujhe aisa look nahi diya hai (I can’t tell you my daughter has never given me such a look in my entire life). She was actually judging me because of the film. She was like, ‘Mere baap ko agar ye film pasand aa sakti hai toh fir… main kya bolu.’ So main sahi bata raha hu, aapke bachche aap pe doubt karenge. Agar aapne zidd bhi ki na ki ye film dekhne chalte hain, wo doubt karenge aapke taste pe, aapke choices par (‘If my dad can like this movie then… what can I say.’ So I’m telling you your kids will doubt you. Even if you insist you watch the film, they will doubt your taste and choices). So please beware,” Jay said in the video.

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