Many iPhone 14 Pro Users Complain About Battery Health Reducing Fast – Apna TPO

iPhone users have a habit of keeping a track of their phone’s battery life, which was made possible thanks to a new feature from Apple called Battery Health that came out in 2018 after the batterygate scandal. But the feature is becoming a concern for the company as it becomes easy to track the health of the iPhone’s battery which has again become an issue, especially for those using the iPhone 14 Pro model.

Many users claim that their iPhone’s battery has dropped to 86 percent and it has been less than a year since the model was announced by the company. The social media has been littered with such posts recently, some even suggesting the timing of the battery health couldn’t have been any better, with the new iPhone 15 series launching next month.

But that’s not the only story worth following, Apple has seemingly informed its users that if their iPhone’s battery health goes below 80 percent, it would be time to change the battery for the model. And we all know that replacing any part for an Apple product doesn’t come cheap.

Some of the iPhone 14 Pro users would be wondering why their phone which costs over Rs 1.2 lakh needs a new battery in less than one year?

Apple’s batterygate scandal was summarised as the company issuing a new update that allegedly deteriorated the battery of the older iPhones and it seems the same situation might be coming up once again, this time for people using the iPhone 14 Pro model. It is still premature to talk about such allegations but it won’t be surprising to see the people with 86 percent battery health facing further drop in the metre.

Having said that, battery health is not only the responsibility of the company but of the user as well. Apple and other brands mention that charging of devices also plays a big role in how the battery works over a long time. If you fast charge a phone, or use a third-party charger, then Apple says the charging could be unreliable. Either way, we are hoping that a software fix could help with improving the battery health, unless the hardware itself if slowing down fast.

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