Not IIT Or IIM, Student From This Institute Bags Rs 1.25 Crore Package At Amazon – Apna TPO

India is famed for its prestigious educational institutions like IITs, IIMs and NITs, whose students end up scoring exceptional placements. Recently, a student without the label of these big institutions to his name is grabbing the headlines for setting a benchmark in the corporate industry. In a remarkable feat, Anurag Makade, a BTech student from the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Allahabad, secured a salary package of Rs 1.25 crore from the US-headquartered tech giant, Amazon. His extraordinary achievement has left job seekers and professionals inspired, hailing him to be a star of the corporate world.

Anurag Makade has joined the e-commerce giant Amazon as a Frontend Engineer, stationed in Dublin, Ireland. He announced this victorious accomplishment on his social media and wrote, “Greetings folks, I’m super excited to share that I joined Amazon as a Frontend Engineer!” He hails from Nashik, and his road to success is marked by hard work and determination.

Before landing the job at Amazon, Anurag gained experience as a software engineer at an organisation named Cure-fit in Bengaluru. He also worked at American Express, Gurugram as an analyst intern. As per the information, he began his job at the esteemed multinational company in September 2022.

This indeed is a significant achievement and his staggering salary illustrates how the job market requires qualified experts, who can lead businesses to the path of success. It also shows that talent and merit are the key requirements in an individual while being hired by top companies. Anurag Makade’s success story is a symbol of ambition and perseverance. It emphasises the fact that irrespective of family background and the tags of prestigious institutes, one can still land a coveted job with sheer determination.

Apart from Anurag Makade, there are a few others too from the institute who have secured such amazing placements. Pratham Prakash Gupta landed a job at Google and bagged Rs 1.4 crore package. Palak Mittal too earned a placement at Amazon, with an astounding salary of Rs 1 crore. Akhil Singh got placed at Rubrik with Rs 1.2 crore package.

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