This New AI Feature From Adobe Photoshop To Help Users Expand Images: All Details – Apna TPO

The US-based tech giant Adobe has introduced a new AI feature called ‘Generative Expand’ in Photoshop. This feature allows users to resize images beyond their original sizes. It uses AI-generated content to seamlessly fill the empty space when expanding the image.

According to the company, Generative Expand is helpful when parts of the subject are cut off, or the image needs adjustment in terms of aspect ratio. It enables users to transform the image according to their vision.

Users can also use text prompts to specify what kind of content they want to add to the expanded image, such as “add a mountain range” or “add a blue sky”.

Photoshop will generate multiple variations for users to choose from, and add them non-destructively in a new Generative Layer.

“Suppose your subject is cut off, your image is not in the aspect ratio you want, or an object in focus is misaligned with other parts of the image — you can use Generative Expand to expand your canvas and get your image to look like anything you can imagine,” Adobe said in a blogpost.

The company said that users can add the generated content with or without a text prompt. When using the feature without a prompt, clicking “Generate” fills the expanded canvas with content that blends well with the existing image. With a text prompt, users can enter specific content, and the image expands accordingly to include the entered text.

“With Generative Expand, you can spend less time editing and more time experimenting and adapting your images for your own creative needs,” Adobe said.

Additionally, Adobe mentioned that Firefly-powered features in Photoshop (beta) now support text prompts in over 100 languages, giving users worldwide the freedom to use text prompts in their preferred language for creative projects.

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