Roadies 19: Rhea Chakraborty Asks Prince Narula To ‘Show Some Respect’ During A Task – Apna TPO

The popular reality show Roadies 19 has been making waves with its unique concept and talented lineup of contestants. However, it’s not just the tasks that are heating up, the drama and conflicts between the gang leaders have reached a boiling point. In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness an intense clash between gang leaders Rhea Chakraborty and Prince Narula.

The recent promo of Roadies 19 showcased an electrifying task in which the contestants were seen giving it their all to emerge victorious. However, the challenge took an unexpected turn when during the task, Himanshu Arora from Gautam’s gang was allegedly seen giving hints to his gang leader, sparking a heated verbal exchange among the contestants. This led to a surprising feud between Rhea and Prince, who had been allies for the past two weeks.

Prince accused Rhea of being ‘unfair’ during the task, claiming that the actress has a false belief in her fairness. Rhea, refusing to stay silent, retorted, “Whom are you talking to? Show some respect and stop being disrespectful.” Unfortunately, the situation took an unpleasant turn as the argument escalated, with both using foul language.

The drama didn’t end there, as the promo also showcased the gang leaders and contestants coming together for an entertainment task in Patiala. The charismatic host, Sonu Sood, revealed that the winner of the task would be decided by the audience of Patiala, adding an exciting twist to the proceedings.

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Well, this is not the first time that Prince and Rhea got into a heated argument. Reports of them refusing to shoot together had surfaced earlier, and Prince even admitted in an interview that they, along with Gautam, took time to understand each other and had some really bad fights.

In the previous episode of Roadies 19, Gautam’s team emerged victorious in the task. However, in a strategic move, gang Rhea and gang Prince joined forces and managed to eliminate two contestants from gang Gautam.

As the drama unfolds and the competition reaches new heights, fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming episode, which promises even more entertainment and surprises. Roadies 19 has certainly lived up to its reputation for delivering thrilling moments and unexpected twists, keeping audiences glued to their screens week after week.

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