TMKOC Maker Asit Modi Says He Is ‘Saddened’ Days After Losing Legal Battle Against Shailesh Lodha – Apna TPO

After solving the legal problem with actor Shailesh Lodha, Asit Modi, who produces Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC), talked about what really happened. He said in a recent interview that Shailesh was not completely right to say he won the case. It was actually sorted out with both of them agreeing.

Before this, Shailesh had said in an interview with Bombay Times that getting his rightful money from the TMKOC producer felt like winning a fight. But Asit responded to this by telling ETimes that Shailesh’s claim of winning is not true. The court’s official order clearly says they settled the matter by both agreeing. Asit also explained that any actor leaving the show has to follow certain steps, like signing papers to show they left. But Shailesh didn’t want to do this.

In the interview, the producer made it clear that he never refused to pay Shailesh and even offered a meeting if he disagreed with the exit process. However, Shailesh chose to go to the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) instead of completing the exit requirements.

Sohil Ramani, the operations head of Neela Film Productions, the production house, said that Shailesh left the show without any prior notice. Asit mentioned that throughout Shailesh’s 14-year time on the show, there were never any problems. So, his actions when leaving the show came as a ‘surprising and saddening’ turn of events for him.

Shailesh Lodha, who played the lead role in the popular TV show for over 14 years, stepped down from the series in 2022 without revealing specific reasons. While TMKOC boasts the distinction of being one of India’s longest-running television shows, it has been entangled in controversies surrounding unhealthy work environments. Recently, a cast member accused Modi of sexual and mental harassment. However, in a recent interview, Modi denied these allegations, saying that he has a “pure heart”.

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