X Will Now Let The X Blue Subscribers Hide Their Verified Badge: Here’s How – Apna TPO

Twitter Blue which is now called X Blue is bringing another interesting feature for the paid subscribers. Most of you know that to get a blue tick (verified badge) on the X profile, you need to pay for the X Blue service, which also gives you the edit tweet button and the ability to upload Full HD videos.

But now, the platform is offering people the chance to hide their verified badge if they would prefer to do that. The feature is available in the settings option of the X app (formerly known as Twitter) but only if you have paid for the X Blue subscription. The option to hide the blue tick on Twitter/X seems like an odd addition, especially since people pay to use the service and get their account verified. You can go to the settings on the X app (both Android and iOS users) – head over to Profile customisation, where you get the option to hide the blue checkmark.

However, the platform is making people aware that if you do hide the blue tick from your account, some of the features for which you have paid may not be available. Elon Musk continues to experiment with features and also build a whole new platform by rebranding Twitter to X on mobile and web.

It is quite hard to understand the purpose of letting people hide their verified accounts, if they can’t use some of the paid features. It is possible that Musk feels there are people who don’t want everyone to know that they have paid for the verified badge. So if you have been planning to get the blue tick for your account, let’s hope this feature works for you.

The X rebranding is going at a brisk pace. In fact, the TweetDeck branding has also been confirmed, which is now called XPro by the platform for its users, and will soon become a paid feature for these people.

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