Made In Heaven 2’s Siddhant Karnick Addresses Designer Tarun Tahiliani’s Accusations, Says ‘We Were Aware…’ – Apna TPO

Designer Tarun Tahiliani recently accused the makers of the web series Made In Heaven 2 of using his designs under the name of a fictitious designer, without giving him due credit. Actor Siddhant Karnick – who plays Mrunal Thakur’s abusive husband-to-be in the episode that features Tarun’s designs – said in an interview that it was never anyone’s intention to hurt or disrespect him.

He recently told the Hindustan Times, “I can’t really comment on the conversation between them (makers and designers), but I can tell you that when we were shooting, both Mrunal and I as actors, and everyone on the set, was very much aware that these are Tarun Tahiliani’s designs. There was no intention of taking that credit away from him.”

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“It’s so funny that just before this controversy came out where Tarun slammed the show and makers, I had put up a post thanking and complimenting his creations and work,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Siddhant agreed that this incident could have been avoided if Tarun had been given credit on the show. “Absolutely! I think any artiste who contributes anything [in a show], should be given credit for it. That is the definition of collaboration, right? But like I said, am also aware the entire production has been very respectful to every single person who collaborated with the show. So I don’t know how this has happened. Apart from that, I don’t know what to say because honestly, that’s not my place to comment,” he added.

Siddhant said that the show’s costumes directly contributed to its success by creating a pleasing aesthetic that resonated well with the audience. “A lot of people watched Made in Heaven because of the designer creations. That’s the show’s brand value. We look at how every character is dressed up. So, I understand what every element, every designer, every single person connected to the show, contributed to its success,” he said.

Made In Heaven 2 was made available for streaming on Prime Video on August 10 this year. It has been co-created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti.

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